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We think that the traditional agency relationship is broken and we're working to improve it.




The advertisers with the strongest media buying results are testing much more creative than others. We're using AI to 100x our creative output which means more ad,  audience, and CRO tests which is essential for campaign success. 

Optimization decisions should be made based on what best reaches your goals. We bake this into every optimization decision we make in the ad account. 

The percentage of ad spend model doesn't work. It incentivizes agencies to spend more rather than meet your goals. We've developed a pricing model that moves incentives back to reach and exceed your goals. 


We're obsessed with providing more value than your traditional media agency. These are the factors that help us do this.

Artificial Intelligence 

Data Driven Brainstorming

10X The Creative Testing

We're in the midst of an AI transformation of the digital marketing field. The advertisers who leverage AI to increase the quality and quantity of output are going to leave the competition in the dust.  

The traditional agency brainstorming process is broken. You don't need another TikTok trend idea from someone who doesn't know your brand. We start all creative brainstorming by evaluating past ad results so every new ad improves performance. 

We have used AI to transform our creative output and quality. This means data back creative testing and rapid aggregation of learnings. 

Accelerated Scale System

Ads That Earn Attention 

Data Driven Decision Making  

We've built a system to rapidly scale ad accounts. It's obviously more complicated than just spending more in an ad account. Through our experiences in house and on the agency side, we've boiled down our system into actionable steps than can be taken to rapidly scale an ad account. 

Our media buyers have each spent over $200 Million in paid media campaigns and have learned what makes great ads. Advertising is all about earning attention and there is a methodology we use to do this (and metrics we use to evaluate this.) 

Everything we do is driven by the data. The way we build campaigns, the way we allocate spend, the way we optimize accounts, campaigns, and creative. Everything started here. 

Fully Integrate AI Into Your Agency's MarTech Stack

Who are we? 

LA/VIE was founded by digital marketers based in Los Angeles and Vienna. We've worked in-house for brands who've gone through rapid scale and we've worked for several US-based digital marketing agencies. Our media buyers have all managed over $200 Million in campaign budgets.

Frustrated With Status Quo 

The current agency model in the market isn't working. The percentage of ad spend model places the invectives in all the wrong places for agencies and for their clients. AI has also amplified what we're doing at every step of the process. This allows us to offer more and charge less.



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What's the pricing model? 

We found that the traditional percentage of ad spend model that agencies operate has the wrong incentives for both the agency and the client. Our pricing model incentivizes us to hit your goals (not just spend more) and incentives you to consolidate your testing which reduces the time to build and manage the campaign AND improves your campaign performance. It's more complicated than a percentage of ad spend model so we're happy to walk through it on a call. 

Can I get an account audit? 

We offer completely free, no-obligation account audits. If you'd like to request one you can schedule one here:

Do you do any consulting sessions? 

We offer completely free, no-obligating marketing strategy sessions. We're full of marketing ideas and love to brainstorm and strategizes. If you'd like to schedule one you can do so here:

How can I get started?

If you'd like to experience a new type of relationship with your media agency, then shoot us an email at and we will be happy to help you kick things off and start reaching your marketing goals. 


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We are a small group of media buyers, developers, copywriters & marketers. We've grown brands in house and scale campaigns while on the agency side.



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